Different Types Of Bags For Ladies

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The need to move around from one place to the other has made it necessary for us to move around with some items. This is because we would need those items during our movement either on our way going when we get to where we are going to or on our way back. Over the years, it is more common for women to move around with bags than men. Apart from being a comfortable and reliable container to move things around, bags also provide a cover for the items we are moving around so that nobody else would know the content of the bag we are moving around with. There are many different types of bags that women move around with. This article will discuss those different types of bags.

Clutch Handheld bags Wallets and Purses

This is one of the most common types of bags that you are likely to find with women. They are often smaller and easier to move around. Most women would go out with a purse when they are not going too far or when they are going to a social gathering.  They can easily hold these types of bags in their hands. When it comes to wallets, the wallets for women are often longer than the wallet for men. This allows them to put more than just money and cards inside the wallet. Thus, they could put a few more things that they need into a wallet as the size of the wallet allows them to carry more than a man can carry.

Crossbody and Shoulder Bags

Another common type of bag that women move around with is the crossbody and shoulder bags. The crossbody bags are worn on the shoulder across the body such that the bag stays on the other side of the body from where the strap is hanging on the shoulder. Thus, if the strap of the bag was hanging on the left shoulder, the container part of the bag where items are stored will be under the right hand and vice versa. The other type of shoulder bag is those that are hung on the shoulder, with the container part of the bag staying under the same hand on which the strap of the bag is hanging. If you are planning to buy a bag, It is important to read reviews about reliable bag stores to get more information about where you can buy a particular type of bag and the reputation of the stores.

Backpacks and Waist Bags

Another type of bag that women move around with is backpacks and waste bags. Backpacks are the type of bags that can be hung on the back. In most cases, they are bigger than the handheld bags and shoulder bags. They also have 2 straps as opposed to a single strap. Thus, the 2 straps of the bag make it possible for the bag to be hung such that they rest on the back of the carrier. The size of the bag also means that more items could be carried in such bags. Waist bags, on the other hand, are often worn around the waist. It is sometimes referred to as bum bag, belly bag, moon bag, belt bag, or fanny pack. It can be used to hold money and makeup items among others.

Athletic and Functional Bags

Athletic and functional bags come in handy for women who want bags that they can use to carry their gym items or other items that they would need when they are going to the gym or sporting activities. They are designed to be big and tough such that they can contain a lot of items comfortably and without the risk of the bags getting torn.

Luggage & Trunks

The luggage and trunk bags make up for some of the biggest types of bags. They are meant for women that want to travel. The implication is that they would be staying a few days and they would need to carry items that they would need during those days that they will be traveling. In some cases, they could be traveling for as long as a month and would require more than one luggage bag for all the items they would be requiring.