I Just Got Back into Quarantine

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It was not exactly like I was really in much trouble or risk. I drove into the office and hardly saw a living soul on the roads between there and my house. There was not anyone at the office aside from the security guard, and I think that he was watching naughty videos when I interrupted him. Of course they sent me in there to figure out how to make sure we could work securely from our homes, but also they want me to do some nonsense about buy Reddit upvotes. I had no real idea what they meant or why they wanted me to do it, but it turned out that you can do this and I found what seemed to be the best deal pretty easily. When I talked to the guy he tried to explain why he needed these, but I really was not that interested and it was hardly like it made any sense to me.

At any rate I was in and out in about two and a half hours and it was not as though I even got near any other person in the process. I stopped to get groceries and I went to this drug store where I heard that they had toilet paper. I saw someone in the parking lot who had apparently gotten the last of it. He saw me looking at it and told me that I was too late. I smiled and then I drove around aimlessly for a bit, thinking wistfully of all the things that I would do if I had so much freedom in the world that does not exist now. I was going to take a walk in the park, but I decided that there were too many others out there. In fact I saw a basketball game.