I Just Got out of the Navy

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It was all just chance or happenstance. I had been home from the Navy about three weeks and I was still looking for a job. I was hoping to get an IT job, which is exactly what I learned to do in the Navy. Unlike real sailors I never once went on a ship after training. I spent my whole time in the Navy ashore at Pensacola, McDill in the Tampa Bay area and Norfolk. Of course I do not know anything about being a bitcoin trader and that is not exactly what I am doing. The truth is I do not really believe that my new boss knows much about it really either. I knew this guy when I was in high school and the word we used for him back then was a hustler. He did a lot of things, among them he was a bookmaker. He seems to have given up the other stuff, but he still is gambling like his life depends upon it.

I was really surprised to learn that he was apparently good at this sort of gambling. He seems to have made several million dollars at it and he has this office space where he has about a dozen people working for him. I was not sure it was not some sort of scam at first and I am not counting on this lasting forever. It looks to me as though he could make a bad bet and the next day everyone here would be scrounging around looking for a way to pay the rent. There is a guy there who has a plan to steal everything that is not bolted down if he thinks the next paycheck will not clear the bank. I intend to continue sleeping on my Mom’s couch for the moment.