I Shall Be Here for Awhile

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We have been really busy for the past couple of weeks, but it has ground to a half because of a dispute which we are not really able to resolve. The guys up on the top floor of our HQ are mad at the guys on the top floor of their HQ, apparently over something personal. I was told that it involved a bet over a soccer match, although everyone suspects it really has to do with alcohol and really abrasive personalities. You can find sites like https://xliga188.com if you want to gamble on soccer matches, there is not any reason to involve your business associates in stuff like that. However everyone knows about the new boss, he inherited the position when his father decided to retire to Boca Raton and spend his days chasing big game fish on his boat. He was a really good businessman, although he never let business get in the way of having his fun. His son seems to have a really bad personality for this sort of thing.

In fact you really have to be able to convince the clients that you are going to take care of them, but this guy seems to be convinced that winning is more important than anything. Worse than that, when he thinks that he has won, he seems to think that he has to rub it in your face. That just does not work and he seems to have made an enemy of the guy who has to sign up for any deal that I make. At any rate we are working really hard to get things back on track, but the whole thing seems to be contingent on an apology and that apology is not going to be coming at any time in the near or far future.