Sizzling Styles For Fall

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It’s always a good thing when jacket season presents itself again. The jacket has got to be one of the most versatile and wearable of any clothing item and can be flattering to almost everyone. There is an array of jacket styles to choose from this fall ranging from the over-sized, boxy, boyfriend jacket to the cropped military style and the ever popular trench look. The boyfriend jacket is a particular favorite for the season and can be paired with jeans, dress slacks, skirts or dresses complimenting anything it is teamed up with as long as there isn’t an excess of bulk.

Traditional fall colors; rusts, browns, deep reds and of course the perennial favorite, black, will be popular for this coming season. Many designers are keeping their palates dark and plain (with minimal use of busy prints) and are recommending the addition of colorful scarves and bold jewelry to brighten the look.

Pant styles run the gamut, skinny legs are still in as are very wide leg trousers and jeans. While both can be flattering, the caution is to pair them with the correct shape for a slimming silhouette. The wide leg pant looks best with a fitted top or a cropped jacket while the skinny leg pants can tolerate more bulk on top.
Again this fall, dark tights will be the standard for hosiery.

Thankfully boots will be back in season shortly and are going to be available in a variety of styles. The little bootie heel that was popular last year is back again this fall as is the knee length, flat-heeled boot. Although high heels are going to be very popular again this fall, there is an abundance of low heeled styles to choose from as well. Everyone should be able to find a style that will work well for them.

The relaxed and carefree days of summer were great but now it’s time to stash those skin barring outfits for something with more style and flair. While most of us will want to invest in a few new pieces for fall (if at all possible), many of the clothing items in our closets from last year can be reworked successfully for this new season. We just need to change up what we pair each item with, and by adding a dynamite scarf or some statement jewelry we can create an entirely new and stylish look.