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Style Of Boots

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Ankle boots are exceedingly comfortable and fashionable and can be worn by anyone, making them the most flexible style. The trick to wearing them most fashionably is to pair them with clothing that works with them. Most ankle boots look nicest when they are worn with pants that cover their top. If you don’t like the height or the heel of a taller boot, you can opt for these. When wearing pants, very few people won’t know they are short. You will infrequently see a celebrity or other fashion-forward person pairing ankle boots with a short mini skirt or other retro clothing. While this is acceptable, you have to be self-assured and discriminating when trying this fashion move Mid-calf boots are perfect for many people, but you should understand that they could make short legs appear even shorter. They are a flattering combination for that skirt that falls right below … Read the rest

High Heel Boots

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High heeled boots are more stylish and elegant. It comes with different colors, designs and types. Platforms, pencil heels, block and even cowboy are the types used with boots. You can even wear it for formal or casual occasions.

A perfect fit is most important for the utmost comfort. It might be quite discomfiting to walk on boots that do not fit you perfectly. Different boot types have different fitting procedures and techniques. The crucial factor to take note of is the size of your feet and legs.

High Heeled Boot Types

  • Thigh-high Boots
    Thigh boots is also known as tight fitting boots or the second skin. It extends above the knees. Thigh boots can be made using various leather types and synthetic materials like latex, vinyl and polyurethane as well as synthetic fabrics. Most of these are constructed with zippers while some are designed as pull-ons. Heels could
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Essential Shoe Styles Every Woman Should Have

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As soon as we see a glimmer of sunshine we all relish the opportunity to wear our sandals and shorts. These Sam Edelman sandals are a great example of what you should be looking for. They offer fun and style via the leopard print design. Nonetheless, they are highly versatile and will look well placed no matter what outfit you are wearing Wedges

And finally, a pair of wedges complete the list of the top five essential shoe styles. Wedges are often considered a lot more comfortable and easier to walk in compared to other heel styles. These IRO wedges, in particular, are extremely interesting. They have an unusual style and are a statement piece, yet at the same time, they can be worn with an array of different clothes for both casual and glamorous styles.

High-top trainers

Fashion is all about looking good but feeling comfortable too. High-top … Read the rest

Madden Girl Shoes

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This brand offers an extended range of heel styles and sizes. These heels are made with material which can withstand long term use. The shoes are usually available in leather, satin, fabric, suede and snake skin. There are various colors to match your dress and your style. Some shoes are plain while others include a series of printed and cutout designs to offer unique variety Platform heels are famous among teenagers and women. These heels are preferred not only for the stylish look but also for the fact that they are immensely comfortable. A platform heel helps you keep a proper balance on the shoe, so there is absolutely no stress on either front or back body parts. This is why platform heels are recommended by doctors to women who are suffering from backaches and knee pains. These heels are available in sizes ranging from 1 to 4 inches and … Read the rest

Stiletto Heels Are Women’s Favourite

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Stilettos have always been in fashion. They have always added to the gorgeousness of any woman. By wearing a stiletto heel, a woman always looks appealing. Moreover, the heel also adds a few extra inches to the height of the woman or girl. The extra height and appealing look of the girl in fact adds to her beauty. Any girl can look attractive and appealing with a pair of stilettos. He only thing is that she needs to wear the shoe with the right kind of outfit.

Stiletto heels are slim, long and sleek. The term ‘stiletto’ comes from the word ‘stiletto dragger’ whose blade is slender and long just like the heels of stiletto. These high heel shoes is thus rightly named. The height of the heels vary from 4 inches to 8 inches. In some cases the height of the heel even exceeds 8 inches. When you choose … Read the rest