Essential Shoe Styles Every Woman Should Have

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As soon as we see a glimmer of sunshine we all relish the opportunity to wear our sandals and shorts. These Sam Edelman sandals are a great example of what you should be looking for. They offer fun and style via the leopard print design. Nonetheless, they are highly versatile and will look well placed no matter what outfit you are wearing Wedges

And finally, a pair of wedges complete the list of the top five essential shoe styles. Wedges are often considered a lot more comfortable and easier to walk in compared to other heel styles. These IRO wedges, in particular, are extremely interesting. They have an unusual style and are a statement piece, yet at the same time, they can be worn with an array of different clothes for both casual and glamorous styles.

High-top trainers

Fashion is all about looking good but feeling comfortable too. High-top trainers define this notion. The urban vibe they possess is fantastic for any casual look. The great thing about most high-top trainers is the fact that they boast a hidden wedge. Not only will this secretly add a few inches to your height but it will do wonders for your legs too.

Biker boots

A quality pair of biker boots can be your best friend for many years to come. They are easy to wear and they look great teamed with anything from skinny jeans to mini dresses. Whether you want to go for full-on biker glam, or you want to grunge up a pretty look, a pair of biker boots provide the essential finishing touch.

Fun heels

A pair of colorful heels will come to your rescue on many nights out. We’ve all been there; the last minute dash before a party or a night of clubbing. You exclaim the words “I don’t have any clothes” and end up throwing a tantrum because nothing looks nice. But don’t fear; if you have a pair of fun heels you can team them with your trusted little black dress and be good to go in no time.