High Heel Boots

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High heeled boots are more stylish and elegant. It comes with different colors, designs and types. Platforms, pencil heels, block and even cowboy are the types used with boots. You can even wear it for formal or casual occasions.

A perfect fit is most important for the utmost comfort. It might be quite discomfiting to walk on boots that do not fit you perfectly. Different boot types have different fitting procedures and techniques. The crucial factor to take note of is the size of your feet and legs.

High Heeled Boot Types

  • Thigh-high Boots
    Thigh boots is also known as tight fitting boots or the second skin. It extends above the knees. Thigh boots can be made using various leather types and synthetic materials like latex, vinyl and polyurethane as well as synthetic fabrics. Most of these are constructed with zippers while some are designed as pull-ons. Heels could be from 3 inches up and heel styles could be from metal spikes to thick ones. Thigh high boots is a perfect fit for ladies with slim and slender legs. It is tighter to show off your leg structure. Women with fat legs may do better with a loose thigh high boots to hide the shape. Beautiful leg complexion should not be in hiding. You can wear wide open lace-up boots for sexy calf muscles.
  • Knee-high Boots
    Knee-high boots help make fat calves look slimmer. It keeps your legs warm during winter. Such pairs of footwear give a romantic and sexy effect when worn with short skirts. When choosing the right knee-high boot, try to fit a nylon or suede fabric. It should not squeeze or compress your legs too much. Boot lining should be soft enough to feel very comfortable even when worn for long hours. Test different boot lengths that will be friendly to your knees. Wear socks or nylons to help resolve your tight boot problem and making your boots slide on. Women with larger legs should find a pair of stretch boots with thick heels. These will make heavier and able legs look slimmer. However, western style and bending boots are good choices for thinner legs.
  • Ankle Boots
    Ankle boots is about 5 to 6 inches in height. These are designed for most women on the go or for those who do a lot of walking or driving. It gives a full ankle support. It usually has a zipper or slip-on for easy wearing. Choose an ankle boot carefully. Consider trying different pairs to find your right fit. Walk on it and wear jeans to balance its tightness. Good quality leather made boots is the best option because it expands with continued use.
  • Cowboy Boots
    Cowboy boots are usually made of cow leather and other animal skin like snake, alligator and elephant as well as buffalo, ostrich and stingray. These kinds of boots started in the early 1860s, copying the cavalry boot of Civil War soldiers.